Gujcost Science Club

Gujcost – Science Club
  • To inculcate scientific thinking among school children.
  • To explain, exhibit and demonstrate scientific activities.
  • To develop easy and understandable methods of science and mathematics learning.
  • To induct observational, logical and analytical approach among school students.
  • To explain and exhibit usefulness and importance of science at various stages of life to students.
  • To design, organize and execute various scientific competitions and programs at district and state level for students.
  • To bring awareness against existing superstitions, false beliefs and prejudices of society.
  • To build scientific temperament among school children.
School Activities
  • Registration of schools, 50 from each district and Registration of students, atleast 50 from each school
  • Celebration of scientific days
  • Field visit of near by Botanical Garden / Nursery / Farm / Area of Coral Reef / Mangrove / Wetland / Water Body etc.
  • Survey and Report preparation of Birds / Animals / Insects
  • Collection and study of various Cereals / Pulses / Food Grains etc.
  • Study of Medicinal Plants / Trees / Herbs / Shrubs etc and Organic Farming.
  • Demonstration & Exhibition of Reports, Charts, Posters, Photographs, Collected Specimens etc at school level.
Training and Workshop
  • 1000 science teachers will be trained through Community Science Centre and necessary resources material like guide-line booklet, diary, posters, newsletters, etc. will be distributed.
State Level Competition Events
  • State level competition and celebration of “GUJCOST SCIENCE CLUB MAHOTSAVA” will be organized by GUJCOST for selected students. Fifty thousand school children and one thousand school teachers will be involved and mobilized in scientific activities. Best performer schools will be appreciated by prizes and certificates.