Jaybharati Community Science Centre – Surat provides many facilities which are below Science Musium , Laboratory , Library Space Education cell, Auditorium, Multimedia Equipments to educate Students as well as People about science & their different aspects of using in Daily life to remove superstition from society.

To get closer to science we have facility of auditorium in our premises, for science drama , functions as well as for our activities to be carried out within it. Well equiped and well managed auditorium.

Multimedia Equipments

Multimedia is a term frequently heard and discussed among educational technologists today. Unless clearly defined, the term can alternately mean a judicious mix of various mass media such as print, audio and video or it may mean the development of computer-based hardware and software packages produced on a mass scale and yet allow individualized use and learning. In essence, multimedia merges multiple levels of learning into an educational tool that allows for diversity in curricula presentation.